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We develop services for architects, 3D artists, game designers, film makers and musicians to increase their work efficiency and creativity.

Based in Vienna, Austria, our small startup team consists of computer scientists and artists. We are working on the release of our main product. As a TU Wien spin-off we are proud to be a member of the in-house i2c incubator program. We are happy to have obtained our first funding from the Vienna Business Agency.
Our first product is going to be Michelangelo, a platform for massive creation of virtual worlds. The generative power of our tool will help 3D artists to create content up to 100x faster than by hand! It empowers collaboration, creativity and helps to focus on the most important tasks. Everything else is generated automatically by Michelangelo's AI.

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Our Expertise


We develop a procedural cloud for shared content creation.


You focus on what is your goal, the AI figures out how to achieve it.


Our team are experienced scientists in the field of visual computing.


Engage, increase productivity, maximize the fun.

Our Work

Michelangelo Project
Michelangelo is a revolutionary tool for 3D artists. It combines the power of procedural modeling and collaboration to produce 3D content very efficiently. With Michelangelo artists can accomplish projects of a complexity they would never dare before.
Paintification Project
The Paintification project was put on ice in March 2016 after a few months of research. Its goal was to map the face of a real person from a photo to a painting so that its style stays preserved.